Ferrari Owner in W5 Ealing

I’veĀ  owned several different Ferrari’s during my time living in Ealing and one of the reasons is I’ve always found them to be a classic motor with amazing performance as well as having good-handling in all weather conditions.

I don’t know how many other Ferrari owners live in Ealing but I’ve seen a few. I own several other cars but 90% of the time I prefer driving my Ferrari. I think after a while you get use to driving a car and you begin to feel most comfortable driving that car.

It’s exhilaration is no secret and it’s saved me on many occasions, one in particular was when I overtaking a car and the car I was overtaking began to speed up and whilst he was speeding up a policeman on the other side of the road was overtaking a car and came into my lane, had I not had the speed of a Ferrari today I’d have been a dead man.

Of course owning a Ferrari and living in Ealing and W5 there’s no real need for speed but having good exhilaration is a-good asset. Not to forget great breaking meaning you can stop thanks to:
Car MOT Test Ealing.