Start Written by Paul Weller

Start was written by Paul Weller whilst he was with the Jam, this is a classical example of his excellent song writing skills as well as the ability to take someone else’s work and make it his own.

For those of you who have heard the song Start written by Weller and the Taxman written by George Harrison when you compare them side by side you will identify Start written by Weller has some very strong similarities. This song Start has a very strong bass line and a distinctive guitar part which is projected with a very sharp treble which cuts like a knife.

A great line written in Start is “And what you give is what you get” after you hear it this line, Start will grab you, writing this gives the song a football sing along effect also this phrase is easy remember. I like the guitar solo as well as the overdubs with the guitar in the middle 8th this is the part where he says If I never see you and repeats this a few times then goes into a high falsetto vocals which leads the song back into the chorus. Weller plays a B Minor Chord then a C Major he does it with several electric guitars and a few acoustic guitars, and the overhaul effect Weller gets with Start is absolutely awesome.