Will we really have a next life?

Personally I’m a Catholic but with so many views all over the world towards religion, how can we be sure which one carries the ultimate truth? People have been born in one faith and have converted to another for marriage or true belief. I do not believing cultivating people, I believe we all have a path to take in life and the next person must not take it for us, in my honest opinion, it must be our personal choice.

I wonder how many of us believing a second life, and if so is it true, one may place their trust in Christ and tell you that if you go to his grave you’ll find nothing as he uniquely rose from the dead, yet if you go to all other great religious leaders find their bones just gathering dust.

Well at least that is the way a great preacher by the name of Lindsay Brown who was conducting sermon at All souls church in London Langham Place W1 he outlined many useful points.